Önder Focan Group feat. Meltem Ege – Live at Ankara Jazz Festival 2013

This DVD was recorded live on the 9th of February, 2013, during the concert given at METU Culture and Congress Center Big Auditorium as a part of the 16th Ankara Jazz Festival programme. The repertoire consists of Önder Focan’s arrangement of the jazz stardards and his own vocal and instrumental compositions, which are performed in trio, quartet, quintet and sextet formations.

I would like to thank all my esteemed musician friends, the Ankara Jazz Festival, our live sound engineer Hüseyin Oktay of YESA, and to Ali Focan, Genco Arı, Batu Akyol and Zuhal Focan whose efforts are greatly appreciated.

Meltem Ege (vocal)
Şenova Ülker (trumpet)
Bulut Gülen (trombone)
Önder Focan (guitar)
Ozan Musluoğlu (bass)
Ediz Hafızoğlu (drums)


1.       OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY (George Gershwin)
2.       JINGLES (Wes Montgomery)
3.       BALLAD FOR 2 GUITARISTS (Önder Focan)
4.       36mm BIOMETRIC (Önder Focan)
5.       HODGESISM (Önder Focan)
6.       EARLY IN THE MORNING (Önder Focan)
7.       BU ADA (Önder Focan)
8.       ESKİ KÜÇÜK ŞEHİR (Önder Focan)
9.       YAZ SEVDASI (Önder Focan)

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